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Started off with today with a quick oatmeal breakie hoping that would charge me up for the hike that I was going today with a couple of friends. One thing that you need to know about me is that I DON'T FUNCTION IN THE MORNINGS and that's why we decided to meet up at around 1:30pm. 

Taking the metro from Yau Ma Tei to Tai Po took me around half an hour (I have to say that the transport is super efficient here) while I waited for my friends to arrive. We then took the X64 bus from the bus main bus station all the way to Ngau Tau Kok in the suburbs.

It was better than what I had expected - unbearably hot, mosquitoes swarming in all corners and fall off the hike at some point. We started off at around 3pm (where we saw most of the hikers leaving) and probably left when the lights were dimming. The fresh air reminded me of the times in the U.K. where I would occasionally run on the endless roads of deserted farms and the crickets chirping. Ah, the best memories of my life!

The scenery was breathtaking even though it was overcrowded on a Sunday afternoon (had to actually wait to take photos), I enjoyed every bit of it. From the lower bits of the waterfall, we hiked up to the main waterfall. From each part, the hike was becoming more intense - clambering on, trying to crawl our way to the top as it was quite steep.

Fortunately, no one was injured today and we wore our bikinis just to get a dip in the water. Unexpected, the water was freezing but we finally adjusted to the cold as the surrounding weather was around 28 degrees. Slipping off the rocks, we managed to swim right under the waterfall, letting the force of the water brush against our bodies and that was the best moment of the trip! 

After staying for about an hour, we decided to leave as it was getting dark at around 5:00pm. Man, climbing down was hard and intense, unknowingly which rocks were loose and wearing my white Adidas sure didn't help me. Racing against time, we were probably the last ones out of there - we had to use flashlights from our phones to head down (battery running low) but we got out safely :)


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